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Contact Us

 We make a personal effort to try and reply to your emails within 4 days or sooner of receiving them. Please leave a message for us; due to recent spam I will not reply to emails submitted without a message/comment or that doesn't ask a clear question.

Thank you for understanding!

You can email us directly at: [email protected]


here are some

Frequently Asked Questions Answered:

*We don't have older puppies or adults available.

All of our parent dogs live in Guardian Homes so they already have their forever homes.

Our puppies are sold before they are born usually and we do not mass-produce puppies either, so we do not have puppies just 'available' at any given time.

This is due to a very strong code of ethics we uphold.

We do not produce puppies just to produce them.

*We do not breed mini doodles or mediums.
We do not have any plans to breed either size right now.

*Yes, most of our families get onto a litter list well ahead of time. So as soon as you know what type/color of Doodle you are wanting we highly encourage you to get onto a list as soon as possible. We also help families decipher what type of doodle would best suit their desires/needs.

*Our puppies are not raised in a kennel, building, or 'facility' of any sort.

Our babies are born and raised inside our personal family homes. Where they are handled and socialized from the day they are born.

For safety reasons we don't allow random visitors at 'any given time' for both our family's safety and the safety of our dogs/puppies. (Our deposit families are invited to come out and meet/pick their puppy once the litter is 5-6 weeks old.) We are more than happy to speak with you about the environment our dogs live in and are raised in.